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Marc & André

...from «Marc & André» History

The history of the Marc & André brand began in France. From the very start, the creation of elegant swimsuits of original design was in focus. With the popularity of the brand rapidly growing, international recognition came in the mid-90s owing to the competent marketing and production policy.

Today, Marc & André is a popular brand that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers and always impresses with the unique design and high product quality. Marc & André designers cooperate with the world-renowned fashion houses and major fashion agencies, and as a result, the collections are always feminine, unique and in the latest fashion. Every collection carries the features of a certain style: from light classic notes to the top fashion trends.

...«Marc & André» Collection

While creating a collection, Marc & André pay close attention to every step of production. Masterpieces are born under the guidance of talented designers. First it's a sketch on paper, then the selection of fabrics and accessories which are carefully tested before creating the final product. All Marc & André models are fully correspond to the European quality standards.

Each season Marc & André prepare more than 300 different models of swimsuits, 150 models of lingerie and home wear. The annual production capacity is about 1 000 000 items. The company has a wide distribution network and delivers to 32 countries. There are 9 representative offices in countries: Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, South Africa.

...Mission «Marc & André»

For many years, Marc & André beautify women's lives from all around the world, providing our customers with quality, stylish, comfortable and refined products.

Marc & André company knows that opinions differ and takes this into consideration. The keystone of success is in achieving a unique combination of high quality products, using exclusive materials and availability of a wide assortment.

In 2011 Marc & André has developed the concept of monobrand store and launched the project of a retail network that meets modern requirements of Retail industry.

Marc & André - is the result of the synergy of individuality, high production quality and professional team work.