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Designer Swimsuits and Accessories

Marc & André collections of swimsuits are perfect for modern ladies with exquisite taste who prefer the best comfort and the highest product quality. Marc & André offer swimwear for any figure type. The swimwear is capable of accentuating the beauty and individuality of a woman's body and to create a most attractive and original look.

Men's Line of Beachwear

This is a wide range of beachwear. Every man will be able to choose a suitable option for himself.

Corset Lingerie Line

Marc & André corset underwear is a reflection of current fashion trends and a means of self-expression for women's personal style creation. For this product noble natural materials are used.

Seamless Underwear Line

The exclusive line of seamless underwear made with the use of lace laser technique, and modeling corsets.

Clothing for Home and Leasure

Various fabrics are used for the collection: viscose, modal, cotton, polyester, silk.

Côte D'Amour

Designer Swimsuits for the Young